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For instance, the square of the linear polynomial x + 1 is the quadratic polynomial (x+1) 2 = x 2 + 2x + 1. One of the important properties of squaring, for numbers as well as in many other mathematical systems, is that (for all numbers x ), the square of x is the same as the square of its additive inverse − x .

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It is easy to work out the square root of a perfect square, but it is really hard to work out other square roots. Example: what is √10? Well, 3 × 3 = 9 and 4 × 4 = 16, so we can guess the answer is between 3 and 4.

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May 14, 2018 · Do 1-4.4 (what’s in the parentheses) first, which gives you -3.4. You would then change that into 3.4 squared, and to make it a fraction, you would do 34 over 10 [(34/10)^2]. …


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It is 1. Squared (x^2) means “multiply by another of itself”, and 1*1=1. If you have 1 group with 1 cookie in it, you have one cookie. If you want to say it in a (I think) better and smarter-sounding way, say: “to the power of 2”. If it is cubed (x^3), “to the power of 3”. If it is x^4, “to the power of 4”.

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If the door is 3 metres high and 1.5 metres wide, its area is 4.5 square metres. square root the number which, multiplied by itself, gives the number that is being considered.


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The imaginary number i is defined solely by the property that its square is −1: = − With i defined this way, it follows directly from algebra that i and −i are both square roots of −1.

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