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What is chasing demand? definition and meaning

Definition of chasing demand: Production strategy whereby the output is increased or decreased in step with rising or falling demand.

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An approach to aggregate planning that attempts to match supply and output with fluctuating demand. Depending on the product or service involved, the approach can incur costs by the ineffective use of capacity at periods of low demand, by the need to recruit or lay off staff, by learning-curve effects, and by a possible loss of quality.

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chase production method A production planning method that maintains a stable inventory level while varying production to meet demand. Companies may combine chase and level production schedule methods.

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The chase demand strategy, shown in Figure 11.4(b), matches the production plan to the demand pattern and absorbs variations in demand by hiring and firing workers. During periods of low demand, production is cut back and workers are laid off.

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What Are the Strategies Used in Production Planning

The chase strategy refers to the notion that you are chasing the demand set by the market. Production is set to match demand and doesn’t carry any leftover products. This is a lean production strategy, saving on costs until the demand – the order – is placed.

Match Supply and Demand in Service Industries

Exhibit Comparison of chase-demand and level-capacity strategies for the XYZ brokerage firm Service managers using the chase strategy are usually responsible for unskilled employees performing jobs with little or no discretion for low pay in a …