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May 18, 2011 · The reason you take the cuttings from new growth is that they will root much easier, and since this plant is a slow grower anyway, I always feel the need to do whatever I can do to speed things up a bit.

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Camellias grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 6 through 8. The average height of the shrub is about 6 to 12 feet; however, camellias can grow up to 25 feet high. These shrubs prefer growing in an acidic soil and partial shade.

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How to grow camellias is one thing; how to propagate them is another. Propagation of camellias is usually accomplished through seeds, cuttings or layering, and grafting. While taking cuttings or layering is the easiest and most preferred method, many people are still interested in how to grow camellias from seed.


Cuttings are best taken from summer to early autumn but even if you take cuttings now it will still strike, it may just take a little longer. Take cuttings that are about 10 cm long from the tip. Trim off excess leaves down the stem, leaving about three to four at the top.

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A small number of cuttings may be rooted in a pot of sand covered with a milk jug or soft drink bottle with bottom removed. Seed. Growing plants from seed presents the gardening enthusiast with a real challenge. Camellias do not come true from seed and very rarely is a good flower produced from seed.

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Camellias are flowering shrubs that can sometimes grow as trees 40 feet tall. One variety, Camellia sinensis, is the plant from which green, oolong, and black teas are made. Camellias, native to Asia, were introduced near Charleston, South Carolina, in 1786.

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Propagating Camellia from Cuttings In this video Sam Youd, head gardener of the world famous Tatton Gardens shows you how to propagate a camellia from a cutting. It’s really easy to do and obviously the cost of propagating a camellia from a cutting is a lot less than buying a new plant from the garden centre where you can pay anything up to

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Propagating: Camellias are most easily propagated by softwood cuttings, air layering, or grafting. Camellia japonica “Midnight 72 Comments on “How to Grow Camellias”

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Camellia (and other shrubs) – Propagating Step by Step This is my step-by-step process of propagating camellia cuttings . The same method works for roses, gardenia, azalea and other woody broadleafed shrubs.