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Learn to Play Like B.B. King – Lesson, Tabs and MP3s

The first concept to tackle when trying to learn to play blues in a B.B. King style is learning how to “phrase” your solos. Think of the way you talk – you form ideas into sentences, and at the end of each sentence, you pause. B.B. King plays guitar the same way.

How to Play Guitar Like B.B. King – Ex. 2b – Blues Guitar

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Jan 20, 2010 · Looking back on how each successive stratum of guitarists has built on the ideas of the previous, it’s vividly apparent that B.B. King is single-handedly responsible for much of today’s blues and rock guitar …

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Play Like BB King In this Course, you will learn how to play like BB King by learning licks, scales, patterns, his vibrato techniques and more. Running time is 2.5 hours.

How to Play Blues Guitar like BB King

Most of the notes BB King employs to create his signature sound are those on the second string; this, of course, might pose a couple of issues for the beginner acoustic blues guitarist, since most of them have never even learned the names of notes on the second string. However, if you’re serious about learning how to play blues guitar like BB King, …

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Play blues guitar like BB King Image 4 of 6 Example 3: Moving to the D minor chord, this phrase demonstrates how comfortable B.B. is on any register of the fretboard at any time.

How to Play guitar like ZZ top and BB King « Electric

Learn how to play blues rock on the electric guitar. This lesson covers both chords and solos inspired by ZZ top and BB king.

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Play Guitar Like B.B. King In this lesson, we are checking out three guitar licks in the style of the blues legend, B.B. King. His style is instantly recognisable, from his trademark vibrato, to his beautiful touch, tone and expression on every single note.