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I’m an INFJ Personality, and I Have ‘Resting Sad Face

You’ve heard of “resting bitch face.” Well, I have something different. I’m an INFJ personality type, and I have “resting sad face.”

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Apr 28, 2010 · They are the face of INFJ that as soon as most people see, they automatically think “ESTP”. Little do they know there is a massive worldview and understanding of human kind and natural law behind that rough and tumble exterior.

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Apr 22, 2012 · Perception Lead: For a Perception-Dominant type (such as an INFJ), the Eyes are the most prevailing part of their face. They act as the driver/captain of the rest of their body, often steering the head and body in new directions.

Why Would An INTP Stare Into An INFJ’s Eyes? | Page 17 | INFJ Jun 14, 2018
I love looking into my INFJ’s eyes | INFJ Forum Oct 23, 2009

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INFJ. 26K likes. Introverted Intuition Feeling Judging. Have you wondered where your internalized message of “I’m not good enough,” comes from?

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INFP and INFJ I am an INFJ that possesses a lot of friends who are INFPs. (A more specific representation of me and my social circumstances can be projected when I draw on the enneagram discipline …

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Top responsesRedditeveryone is gorgeous in here omg37 votesHey.18 votesA bit late to the party, but here’s my meat eating (sorry) ass . 😉 It’s so fun seeing people’s faces. It’s sometimes easy to forget that … read more18 votesyep, I hate being photographed but alas16 votes26 M INFJ pondering life.15 votesa selfie of me and my service dog, Levi as we’re kind of a package deal. His ig: votesSee all

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There’s a lot of challenges that’s INFJs face, everyone is different and has their own individual challenges that they face on their own so I might be able to do justice for others. But, as an INFJ female, I have a challenging time making deep or close friends or keeping any friends for that matter.

21 Signs That You’re an INFJ, the Rarest Personality Type

INFJs can be quirky, complicated, & downright contradictory. Are you an INFJ, the rarest of the 16 personalities? If these signs describe you, you might be.

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But the INFJ can instinctively sense this too. For instance, the INFJ and their companions will be walking along when they meet a nice-looking young man with his arm in a makeshift sling. He has a worried expression on his face.