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Women need a best friend much more than many of us would like to admit. It takes very little effort to make friends with other women.

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If there is one, then you need to nurture and develop the friendship to see if your good friend can turn into a best friend. If you don’t have anyone that comes close to being a best friend, and it is something you desire, you need to meet more friends in general to see who you might connect with on that deeper level.

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But two stats jumped out at us as cause for concern: One in 10 women reported that they don’t have a close friend, and a very lonely 3 percent reported having no friends at all. Sure, it’s normal for friendships to come and go, especially as we get older and swept up in work, family matters, and personal issues.

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May 13, 2017 · Best Friends are amazing right?! Especially when they’re “so extra.” In this funny video we, Niki and Gabi, show you reasons why GIRLS need a best friend tha

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Having a best friend to finish your sentences is great, but people who don’t know you like the back of their hand can offer a more curious ear and maybe some fresh perspective. 7. And we’re really good at giving advice.

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What we need a best friend with whom we can share our worries, ideas, aspirations and stupidities. We need a man who doesn’t judge you and always support you and just one call away from us. It can be anyone-a mother, siblings and colleague.

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You brought unimaginable joy and warmth to my life. You’ve made me feel like a better person, able to take on the world. I think we were destined to become friends, and I’m grateful for whatever brought us together. A true friend is someone who listens, someone who supports, and someone who is always there. A true friend is you.

22 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend

22 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend. by Sonali Walia. We know for a fact that our Dads and even our boyfriends will always be there for us. But there is one role in our lives that only one person can fill. A guy BFF. Every girl needs that one guy friend who makes life just a tad bit more easy.

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Nine times out of 10, your guy best friend is your best friend because the two of you already have a ton of things in common. There’s no need to impress him with a feigned interest in the weird music you hate.