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Paranix Shampoo 100 mL For parents and children, Paranix is the greatest ally in the fight against head lice, by providing superior solutions, based on highly efficient products and tips, to minimize the occurrence of infection and the ordeal associated with its resolution.

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Aug 29, 2014 · Kids Health: Head Lice – Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice – Duration: 2:23. Homeveda – Home Remedies for You! 183,082 views

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Paranix Spray ja Paranix Shampoo sopivat yli 2-vuotiaille. Paranix Sensitiveä voi käyttää yli 6 kuukauden ikäisille. Kuinka monta …

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Paranix shampoo anvendes til bekæmpelse af hovedlus og æg. Ved brug af Paranix shampoo bliver lusene kvalt, og derfor kan de ikke udvikle resistens mod Paranix shampoo. Produktegenskaber: Behandling med Paranix Shampoo gør lusebehandling lige så nemt, som at vaske håret. Lusene udvikler ikke resistens.

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Koska Paranix ei sisällä kemiallisia torjunta-aineita, vaan vaikuttaa mekaanisesti, täit eivät voi tulla vastustuskykyisiksi sille ja sen sisältämille aineille. Kaksitehoine

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Paranix Treatment Shampoo: Paranix Shampoo is 100 % effective in removing head lice and eggs in two treatments of 10 minutes (including thorough combing). Paranix Treatment Shampoo also uses the dual action to combat head lice – dehydration and suffocation but contains conditioning agents that help clean the hair.

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Lice Shampoo 200ml Paranix Lice Shampoo 200ml is clinically proven to kill 100%% of head lice when used correctly. Effective in 10 minutes, ensure to use a sufficient amount and comb thoroughly to remove eggs.

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The Paranix shampoo comes along with a new generation of solutions against head lice,comprising a superior formula with double action: suffocating and dehydrating at the same time, both head lice and their eggs Paranix shampoo for head lice eli