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Re-uploaded with the correct model, I had the voice actress up before. Still illustrates the point I’m trying to make, the character art team made a conscious effort to make Sara Ryder less attractive than the person she’s modeled after.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × 539. 540. 541. THEORY [No spoilers] Sara Ryder corrected face leaked ? (self.masseffect) submitted 1 year ago * by End0rphyn. It is Sara’s model before day 1 patch is applied. Day 1 patch changes the old model to the

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Sara Ryder is the daughter of Alec Ryder and the older sibling of the Ryder twins. She signed up with the Andromeda Initiative together with her father and twin brother, obtaining a part in the Pathfinder team chosen to find humanity a home in the distant Andromeda galaxy 600 years into the

Appearances: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Did BioWare Alter Sara Ryder’s Face With Mass Effect

Different versions of Sara Ryder’s face models have appeared in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s early access period. Check out the differences here!

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Class: Engineer

Sara Ryder – In all her Pixleated Glory at Mass Effect

Sara Ryder, my favourite character since FemShep! Originally made to be rather logical and professional in most of her dialog, but she does have a sarcastic side that can dish out side hurting, humorous quips.

Modder Used BioWare’s Own Reference Model to Change Sara

With “Improved Sara Ryder Face Preset,” fsm135 used BioWare’s own facial reference for Sara Ryder, model Jayde Rossi. As seen above, the results are certainly interesting, even if it’s not exactly a replica of Rossi.

Bioware accused of deliberately making Mass Effect

Gamers are complaining that Bioware have made Sara Ryder more ‘ugly’ than the model who inspired her. 8. Jayde Rossi poses in an Instagram snap. 8. There’s been a mixed reaction to the portrayal of Sara Ryder. Muggy day headshot by @yveshuy. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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