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The scalar projection of b onto a is the length of the segment AB shown in the figure below. The vector projection of b onto a is the vector with this length that begins at the point A points in the same direction (or opposite direction if …

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Vector projection, scalar projection, geometric interpretation of the dot product, formulas, examples, exercises and problems with solutions. Vector Projection. Scalar Projection . Vector Projection . The vector projection is the unit vector of by the scalar projection of u on v. The scalar

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Jul 09, 2008 · Use the scalar projection to show that a distance from a point P(x1, y1) to the line ax + by + c = 0 is [tex]\frac{ax1 + by1 + c}{\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}}[/tex] 2. Relevant equations scalar projection = [tex]\frac{a . b}{|a|}[/tex] 3. The attempt at a solution The first thing that I did was to say that b = (x1,y1).

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