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The word is actually “touché”. It’s French for “touch”. As used in fencing, it represents scoring a point. Your definition is close, but no cigar; your spelling is atrocious.

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Dec 13, 2007 · Best Answer: Yep, “annoyed” has it right–it’s touche, and it means you’ve made a good point. It comes from French fencing terminology, and it’s usually said when someone’s foil (tip of sword) actually touches the opponent to score a point. Touche! and I’m too lazy to put the accent over the last e.

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Touché’ is a French infinitive of toucher, literally meaning to touch. English (adopted word): meaning a clever verbal response in debate, also to concede to a point made.

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—used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success or appropriateness of an argument, an accusation, or a witty point

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Seyi Shay is also a talented songwriter, who has written and produced three major songs for the Konami game sound track; ‘Crime Life’, as well as the song ‘You will see’ which …

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