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May 20, 2014 · Provencher Family Chiropractic presents Spinal Correction Exercises Dr. Suzanne Buffie, Dr. Jared Buffie & Dr. Mike deJong Chiropractors 154 Provencher Blvd.

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Amazon.com : Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion / Exercise

Amazon.com : Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion / Exercise Fitness Core Balance Disc (Black), 13 inches / 33 cm diameter : Sports & Outdoors


Wobble Cushions – Balance Cushion for Exercise & ADHD

Wobble Cushions for Injury Rehab. The PhysioRoom Air Stability Wobble Balance Cushion can be used as a balance and wobble cushion to aid ankle stability and balance, or as a seating cushion to improve posture and help stop fidgeting caused by ADHD.

8 Amazing Reasons To Love Your Stability Cushion

A stability cushion, also known as an exercise disc, balance cushion, wobble cushion or stability disc is a simple, round inflatable device with a non slip surface on one side and a textured bumpy sensory side on the other.

Wobble Cushions for the Chair Bound – …

Stability cushions are also known as exercise discs, balance cushions, wobble cushions, or stability discs. I like wobble cushions. Wobble cushions are closely related to balance boards, but you don’t sit on those. This article is about sitting. Exercise balls can be used for sitting, but not as conveniently as wobble cushions.

Therapy in Motion Stability wobble cushion for balance

The Therapy in Motion Stability Wobble Cushion is suitable for use in a variety of rehabilitation, exercise and fitness settings such as: physiotherapy practices and departments, rehabilitation centres and clinics, sports teams, gyms and fitness studios, and for personal use.

Did You Say Wobble Cushion? What it is & How it …

There is tremendous power in using wiggle seats, wobble cushions, or balance discs to help your child with attention, staying seated, their core strength, or balance. Learn why they work, how to use them, and the best wiggle seat options from a pediatric occupational therapist!

How to Use a Wobble Cushion | Healthfully

Similar to a wobble board used to stand on and strengthen your legs, a wobble cushion is an inflatable disk you can sit on. The cushion shifts under your weight, forcing you to constantly adjust your position to stay balanced. This active sitting helps strengthen the back and neck muscles and improve core stability. Knowing the proper way to utilize a wobble cushion …

Wobble board exercise | Balance board exercise video

9. Do all of the above exercises with your eyes closed! This will make them considerably harder! 10. Stand on the wobble board with one leg. Rock the board from front to back for 1 minute and then side to side for 1 minute. 11. …